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A 3BHK in Bengaluru is embellished with art, colour and contemporary Indian touches

  • Ideas and Inspiration
By Gauri Kelkar
7 min read
Dec 13, 2022
Reupholstered sofa

Homeowners with a love for art, colour and clean contemporary design get a home high on all three, with a subtle Indian touch

The main thrust of the design for this 3BHK apartment was non-negotiable—finding appropriate space for the homeowners’ collection of art. For Beautiful Home Service designer Suny Sagar, everything else that he would offer for the design would derive from that. “This client was a collector and had a deep love for anything and everything artistic,” says the designer. For this house in the landmark Karle Zenith residential tower complex in Bengaluru’s Hebbal neighbourhood, Sagar melded art with colour and ethnic hints with a contemporary aesthetic and designed a home with comfort at its core.

Beautiful Homes (BH): Based on your interactions with the client, what was your understanding of the kind of home they wanted?

Suny Sagar (SS): Before finalising a theme for a project, we ask our clients questions that will clue us in on their expectations for the design. These particular homeowners enjoy acquiring works of art from India and abroad and wanted their house to reflect their love for all things art-related. The idea for the design flowed from there. We focused on their collection, worked with the existing furniture and made the entire house look more ‘artistic’ and colour-filled.

‘Cocktails and Cake’ lights from White Teak

The loose furniture used around the house is the clients; the crockery cabinet carries forward the colours in the living room; the chandelier hanging over the island is White Teak’s ‘Cocktails and Cake’ lighting fixture.

BH: How did you proceed with the design for the spaces?

SS: All our design discussions involved the entire family—the couple and their daughter because we wanted to understand what each of the room’s inhabitants wanted. The idea was to create interesting elements that wouldn’t need to be changed frequently. We went deep into every element; in fact, a couple of days before the handover, we even bought artefacts for the house.


BH: Did your personal design preferences align with that of the client’s?

SS: I like spaces to have a touch of Indian to them. The clients had a more contemporary outlook. So we met in the middle with an aesthetic that can be called India modern in a sense. This is seen in the way the colours and patterns have come together. The shoe rack, for instance, has a mirror panelling inspired by Mughal jalis. We’ve used hints of gold as well, as seen in the customised TV wall panel threaded with gold string. We got in Indian elements through colours and patterns but the overall usage is very contemporary.


BH: How did you introduce colour into the spaces?

SS: The wall colours in the living room are neutral. Colour comes through other elements, like the fixed furniture—the TV wall panel being a case in point. The kitchen is neutral as well. But, we added blue in the open units and the central wall tiles to create interest. And it does immediately draw the eye.


We opted to go with warmer colours in the master bedroom, to convey a youthful, energetic look. So we used pink for the walls, and extended this colour on the walls of the large workspace in the room. We didn’t want the ‘serious’ home-office area to dial down the colourful. Design-wise, we didn’t want to complicate the design; it’s very simple and contemporary. A counterpoint to this is the guest room, frequently used by the client’s mother with bright colours and a light aesthetic. Blue and white dominate the clean, clutter-free space.

Floating Walls wallpaper

The wallpaper from Floating Walls was bought from a local store.

‘Brunching Bunch’ chandelier from White Teak

The cabinet in the living room has blue PU paint; the ‘Brunching Bunch’ chandelier is from White Teak; the artwork is from the homeowners’ personal collection.

BH: What was the most challenging part of the design?

SS: The custom-designed TV unit. The clients had a pretty big collection of old records, DVDs and such. We leaned into the entire ‘collector’ theme here too, with the idea of highlighting this collection instead of stowing it out of the way in a corner cabinet. We created an interesting wall panel, a sleek bottom shelf and a transparent tall cabinet next to it to display their movie and music collection.


BH: And how did the artwork fit into the overall design?

SS: That was the primary focus. We took measurements of all the paintings and spent an entire day on-site just holding the paintings up against the walls. We wanted to see which one would work best in which part of the house.


BH: Did you hand over the house to happy clients?

SS: Yes, the feedback has been very satisfying! In fact, the client told us, and these are his words: ‘You’ve used colours in a way that isn’t monotonous. Every time I walk into his home, some corner or the other draws my attention. It makes it interesting. I’m never bored of the house’.

Reupholstered sofa

The TV unit and wall were custom-designed for the space by Sagar; the sofa is an existing piece which the client had bought in Dubai; it was reupholstered from the original dull gold to suit the design.

Neutral coloured kitchen with a hint of blue

The hint of blue in the central tiles in the neutral-coloured kitchen adds an element of interest to the functional space.

‘Drops of Dew’ pendant lights from White Teak

Sagar designed the master bedroom to be a youthful, contemporary space; the pink-and-white walls offer a dressy backdrop for the decorative White Teak ‘Drops of Dew’ pendant lights.

Pink backdrop in master bedroom

The master bedroom has a large workspace; Sagar extended the colourful pink backdrop here too to ensure the energetic look he was going for was retained in the work area as well.

Herringbone texture paint in guest room

The guest bedroom has herringbone texture paint from Asian Paints and White Teak’s ‘Calm Skies’ pendant light.


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