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Dining Room

A space where families gather for meals, the dining room plays an integral role in the overall aesthetic of the house.


Types of Dining Room designs

Small Dining Area Room Design
Open Dining Room Design
Connected Dining Room Design

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FAQs about Dining Room Interior Design

1. What is in a dining room? OR What are the essentials of a good dining room?

The dominating element of any modern dining room design is a dining table and dining room chairs. The table that you choose will depend on the size of the room you have to work with as well as the function. Other elements that are part of a dining room interior are a good overhead light if possible and if there is room, a console or a sideboard. Decorative elements can be in the form of artworks or interesting wallpaper.

2. How to design a dining room interior?

The interior design and decor of a dining room depend on the space, how you want to use the dining room, how often you entertain, the overall aesthetic of the house and your taste. First, pick a good dining table based on these considerations. Other decor elements that can elevate the look include using artworks or patterned wallpaper. Mirrors are great if you have a small space; they add an illusion of spaciousness. Install good lighting in the room and add a sideboard or console. It will not only work as storage but also as a display for decor and a place to keep extra dishes.

3. How to separate a combined dining hall design?

In city apartments where space is limited, the dining room is generally part of the living room or combined with the kitchen. The best way to separate a combined dining hall design in an open layout is by softly demarcating the spaces. One way of doing this is to use a jali screen that ensures a semi-private dining area. Some kind of cabinet can also serve as a partition as well as storage. Another subtle demarcation can even be in opting for slightly different yet complementary dining room colours or even flooring.

4. How do you design a small dining room?

Using mirrors is a sure way to make a small dining room seem bigger than it is. In a compact space, it is important to keep the decor and design minimal to avoid overcrowding. Lighting, too, is very important. And if ceiling lights over the table might seem overwhelming in a small space, go for wall sconces and recessed ceiling lights for dining room wall decor. When it comes to the colour combination for small dining rooms, use neutrals on the walls and in the furnishings and upholstery. Opt for smaller patterns and let the bright colours come through in small accents.

5. Can the dining room be away from the kitchen?

It is possible to make your dining space at a distance from the kitchen but it is not functional. Someone will keep having to get up to get the dishes during mealtimes making it not very viable. Furthermore, vastu shastra recommends placing the dining room close to the kitchen.

6. Does the dining room need to be next to the living room?

It doesn’t need to be but in city apartments where space is limited, the dining room and living room tend to be one seamless uninterrupted space.

7. How can Beautiful Homes help me design the perfect dining room?

As an end-to-end design and decor solutions company, Beautiful Homes offers the gamut of services. Our team of designers can ensure you get the perfect dining room interior that reflects your taste and suits your space. From professional and talented interior designers to offer the right guidance to 3D visualisation software that will enable you to see what the design will be like and make changes, your dining room design is in good hands with Beautiful Homes.


Dining Room Design

A dining room is a common feature in nearly every house. It is a space where families not only come together to have meals but also a space to congregate around and chat or spend time together. While homes in large urban cities that face space constraints might find it difficult to create separate dining rooms, they typically make room for dining tables. When it comes to the dining room interior design, it is necessary to ensure that it fits well with the overall interior design of the house. This involves proper spatial planning, the size and number of furniture pieces, the shape, size and material of the dining table, etc.



Select the Best Dining Room Design Style

As is the case with any space in a house, the dining room too can be designed in a variety of styles. The one that homeowners choose depends on their taste, the overall aesthetic of the house and allotted space. A modern-style home, for example, should typically have a modern dining room design. Compact houses will benefit from implementing small dining room ideas that optimise space. When it comes to dining room decor, it is essential to add elements that have a warm and inviting vibe and make the space comfortable.


A Wooden Dining Room

Wood is a favourite especially when it comes to creating a classic and ageless dining room interior design. The easiest way to introduce a warm vibe into the space is by choosing wooden dining room sets, which include a table and the chairs around it. A dining room interior with wooden flooring and other assorted furniture pieces will complete the look. It is important to remember, however, that solid hardwood while long-lasting, is expensive and needs a lot of maintenance, especially in humid places. MDF made from residual hard and softwood is also a popular hardier option.


Modern and Contemporary Dining Room Design

Lack of clutter, neutral colours, the use of natural materials and clean-lined furniture are the main elements of a modern dining room design. Such a style does not have too many decorative elements and keeps everything simple. Textures and patterns in a smaller format can be introduced through furnishings and upholstery. Since natural light is vital in a modern space, such a dining room set should ideally be close to a window. As small dining room ideas go, modern interiors are a popular style for compact homes.


Open Kitchen Dining Room

In small city apartments, and homes with a modern- or industrial-style aesthetic, a dining room in an open kitchen design is an extremely popular layout. This kind of seamless floor plan ensures uninterrupted movement between the kitchen and dining room design of the house. The open-plan dining room has many benefits, one being that the person in the kitchen is not isolated from any conversation going on at the dining table. Another advantage is that the open kitchen dining room facilitates easy movement of food so it is functionally useful.


Luxury Dining Room Design

A luxury dining room design is carefully put together using good-quality materials and decor elements. While quality furnishings are important, however, the accessories can also elevate the look of the room. A luxury modern dining room design can be achieved by creating a focal point with a centrepiece for the table or overhead, and by installing decorative lighting. Adding artworks on the wall is another way to make the space elegant. Glass-fronted dining room cabinets are a great way to showcase crockery and china. A dining room false ceiling design can also help make the space elegant and visually appealing.



Tips for Dining Room Décor

  • Creating an elegant dining room interior design begins with choosing the table that best suits the space, so pick the right size and the right material for the table.

  • Colours and patterns of the upholstery for dining room chairs are important to ensure they work well with the mood and vibe of the space.

  • A decorative overhead light is a great way to add some style to the dining room.

  • Artwork, either one large one or a cluster of smaller works, creates an interesting backdrop.

  • Mirrors too are a good alternative especially if the dining room area is small.

  • If there is space, then a sideboard or console can be aesthetic and functional as it can serve as storage or an extra space to keep the dishes.

  • Glass-fronted dining room cabinets that showcase family heirloom crockery and china are also a good idea.

  • Adding some indoor plants will make the space vibrant and add colour.

  • In case of an open living-cum-dining area, soft segregation like a jali screen is a great way to create a semi-private dining area without closing it off entirely.



Dining Room Vastu Tips

  • Place your dining table close to the modular kitchen.

  • Dining table vastu states that the head of the family should sit on the east side.

  • Wood is the most favourable material for the dining room table followed by glass and stone.

  • Avoid circular dining tables as rectangular and square shapes indicate stability.

  • Artworks should be cheerful, preferably depicting vegetables or fruits.

  • Dining rooms should be well lit to create a warm and welcoming space.

  • In terms of dining room colours, beiges and creams are ideal but even orange is a recommended vastu shade, as is green.

  • Indoor plants are a good way to get positive energies flowing.

  • Mirrors especially placed where they reflect the dining table are considered auspicious.


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