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Home Office

A home office is an essential requirement as a space to work in the house that serves as a clutter-free private area without distraction.



Types of Home Office Designs

Open Office Space Design
Modern Office Area Design
Black And White Office Area Design

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FAQs about Home Office Designs

1. What is the best way to design a home office?

Finding the most suitable space in the house to create a room office design is the first step. It should be in a quiet space with minimal potential for interruptions or other kinds of distractions. Keeping the functional aspect of such a space in mind, the home office interior design should be clutter-free and have a comfortable desk and chair. Furniture should be chosen to help increase the organisation of the space and to enhance efficiency. Every element you choose therefore should help in productivity and concentration.

2. How can I make my home office look good?

While functionality is the prime focus of home office designs, it can also be a visually appealing space. Choose the right colours for the space to start with. It is better to opt for lighter soothing shades to help create a professional and less distracting environment. Bright colours can come in through accents, such as indoor plants or artwork. Accessories such as pen holders, paperweights or blotters are also a great way to add some style to the space. Pick out cabinets in interesting shapes or open floating shelves that can also work as display spaces. A warm rug and some additional seating if there is space will also make the space inviting.

3. How do I organise my home office?

This depends entirely on you but it is important to keep this space as clutter-free as possible. If your job entails a lot of paperwork and files, then make sure you have a good-sized shelf or cabinet. Storage is very important in this case. Also, opt for a table that has drawers where you can keep your files and documents. Make sure your tabletop is not cluttered with too many things.

4. What colour is good for a home office?

Lighter colours should be the go-to option. It is important to ensure that your space is professional looking and beiges, whites and creams are a great way to ensure this. Lighter colours are also vastu-compliant. Light yellow, for instance, is believed to promote wealth and light green is good for balance.

5. Is a home office necessary?

Yes, as far as possible, a home office setup is an essential part of the home. It is a distraction-free space where you can get work done and it also offers an organised setup for all your papers, files and documents. Today, in a post-pandemic world, a home office has taken on more significance, given that people spent two years working from home and now offices too are promoting a hybrid work policy.

6. What is work from home (WFH) furniture?

With so many months spent working from home, the right kind of furniture to create an efficient WFH setup has taken on great significance. A sofa, for example, is not the best place to sit for long hours. So ergonomic chairs that offer good back support, wall-mounted bookshelves for a modern small home office where space could be an issue, the right kind of work desk, etc can all be called WFH furniture.

7. Where do you get the best work from home (WFH) furniture?

8. How can Beautiful Homes help me design a home office interior design?

As a full-service décor and design solutions company, we have a team of expert interior designers well versed in designing any and all kinds of rooms for all design requirements and tastes. A home office is now an integral part of every home and just as we endeavour to provide the best possible WFH setups for any other room, we do the same when it comes to the home office. If you are looking for expert advice for your workspace at home, then do get in touch for a variety of home office ideas.


Home Office Design

The home office has, over the last two years, evolved into an important space due to the pandemic and the work-from-home policies across the world. Even with offices opening up, the work-from-home culture has continued to be adopted to a large extent by many companies. Against this backdrop, a home office setup that helps optimise work and minimise distractions has become the need of the hour. Whether it is a compact apartment or a large house, a home office is a must. In the case of small spaces, the home office design is part of a larger room, typically the bedroom. If it is a large apartment, then one room is often converted into a home office setup. And in a large house, the home office can be planned as a separate space in itself. Whatever the case, a home office design should be keyed into the overall aesthetic of the home. It can therefore range from a minimal or modern look to implementing luxury modern home office ideas that matches with your interior design



Tips for Home Office Designs/Work from Home Setup

  • As far as the interiors of a ‘work from home design space’ goes, the most important thing to consider is to make sure it is in a secluded part of the house and away from all distractions.

  • In the case of a small house, typically, the corner portion of the bedroom design works well as a home office workspace.

  • A work from home setup should ideally reflect the professional environment of an office or workstation, so it is a good idea to borrow from interior design office ideas.

  • The high priority in a home office is to first select the most suitable working from home furniture. The home office desk in this case should be the main consideration.

  • Picking out the rest of the home office furniture should come next, like finding the appropriate chair, planning shelves and cabinets depending on the space available etc.

  • Home office accessories for the modern office interior design play a vital role while planning the design.

  • One can even accommodate a home office within the study room design if the house has a spare room.


Tips for the Home Office Room Décor and Design

  • The home office interior design should blend well with the overall aesthetic of the house, or the room in which it is set up.

  • The home office must be well organised to create an atmosphere conducive to work.

  • Small office designs are a good source of inspiration if the space available for a home office is compact.

  • In this case, going minimal is a good idea. Maximising available space by using vertical storage, such as shelves and cabinets will help save floor space.

  • In a modern office interior design, clutter should be minimal and home office furniture should be clean and visually light.

  • Choosing home office accessories is also necessary to personalise the space and make it look welcoming.

  • Light colours, such as any shade of white pastels or muted colours, enhance productivity in the work from home office setup. This is especially important in case of a modern small home office.

  • The home office should be well lit. Lights can also set the right mood and are integral to just the right office room décor. A sculptural table lamp or wall sconces are good options and among the more popular luxury modern home office ideas.

  • If possible, a window is beneficial in a home office setup as it keeps the work area open and refreshed.

  • Making the space visually pleasing is a good idea, so adding photo frames, attractive backdrops, comfortable but minimal extra seating in the form of a sofa and adding artworks are other luxury modern home office ideas worth considering.



Tips for Vastu for Work from Home Office Spaces

  • The west or southwest is the ideal vastu direction for a work desk at home. The desk should be placed in such a manner that the chair where you will be working faces the north-east direction.

  • The chair needs to be comfortable and sturdy and as far as possible should also support the head.

  • The placement of the work from home setup should ensure that there is no window or door behind the workstation to prevent any distraction.

  • The colours to use in a modern office interior design are lighter shades like beiges, creams and whites which boost productivity according to vastu. A light yellow or light gold colour promotes wealth and light green helps to create a balanced environment.

  • There should be unrestricted movement of sunlight into the space as this improves productivity and keeps the space refreshed.

  • A home office should be organised and free from clutter. In this regard, a minimalist home office setup is preferred as by definition, this would imply less of everything.

  • The desk should not be glass-topped. A wooden desk is the best option when seen in the context of appropriate vastu for offices at home.

  • The workspace should be free of any malfunctioning or defunct gadgets and appliances, pens that don’t work or unwanted paper.

  • Drawers and cabinets or shelves with important papers or files should be placed in the west or south-west section and open in the east, north-east or north directions.

  • A globe in the north-east corner of the desk is believed to attract international work opportunities as per the principles of vastu.

  • While these are a quick list of tips, it is important to consult vastu experts for in-depth and individually relevant advice.


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