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Interior Design in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of those forward-thinking metros that continues to have a deep connection to the culture, art, heritage and history of Bengal. The people of Kolkata are generally clued into and have a good understanding of all things creative and design, including interior design and decor. Furthermore, interior designers in Kolkata are savvy and tuned into global trends, ensuring that homeowners get only the best advice and skill. Interior design in Kolkata is a rapidly growing space and homeowners can avail of the best talents from the field. Interior designers in Kolkata understand and cater to every kind of requirement when it comes to Kolkata house design expectations, individual tastes and prevalent styles. Even when it comes to access to low budget interior designers in Kolkata, the options are numerous. People today seek the services of the top interior designers in Kolkata to help them maximise the potential of their spaces.

Our design process - how it works

Your home is all about you. From the first call, we try to understand you and your expectations from a living space. Our designers work with you on finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, while our project manager ensures that budget, time and quality goals are met. 


Understanding what you need

Our team will spend time with you to understand your requirement and preferences - functional and aesthetic


Let's co-create your future home

Our designers will work on a unique interior design, and show you the potential of your home - in 3D


Cost optimisation and planning

We will help you make key interior design decisions that suit your budget, before charting out a project plan


Site handover and warranty

Once the work is completed, we hand over the keys to your new home - a successful collaboration!

Easy EMI and Warranty Options

What clients say about us

Commercial space
" It was a very good experience for us since the beginging of the project. The project was executed very well despite pandemic challenges. As we are staying in Hyderabad and the job was virtually explained and managed. The overall experience has been very satisfactory. It was amazing how we could complete the project virtually."

Renovation of a 700-900 sqft Kolkata apartment

Apartment; 1100 sft
" What we liked the most was team's focus on finishing the product in best possible manner. They were receptive of our feedback and attempted to resolve all issues. Most of the wood work done is looking very well finished. The team was very professional in their approach, and were approachable for discussions whenever needed."

A homely Kolkata house interior design

Apartment; 750 sft
" We are very happy with Asian Paints customized, elegant service. The team work is very much impressive. They addressed all of our concerns and solved them beautifuly. Their professionalism is very much appreciated."

A contemporary home in Kolkata

FAQs on Interior Design in Kolkata

How can I choose an interior design style?

It is, first and foremost, important to understand your tastes and preferences before locking on an aesthetic. For example, some people might prefer more colour and accessories in their homes, others prefer a warm but minimal look. Also, consider the size of your home along with the style. Too many bright colours or accessories may not work in a compact space. Finding the best interior designing company in Kolkata ideally suited for your needs is the first step to take to ensure you get appropriate advice.

What interior design service can I expect from interior designers in Kolkata?

Whether it is experienced designers or if you need the services of low budget interior designers in Kolkata, they all help you pick a style, finalise the aesthetic and see the project through to the end. They can design or renovate your entire home or a specific room in your house. They also work on the spatial planning and configuration, the floor plan and other civil work, as well as decorative aspects such as furniture, furnishings, colours, etc. Your conversation with the representative of the interior design company in Kolkata you contact will help you figure out what you require.

What is the cost of undertaking home interior design in Kolkata?

The cost of undertaking a home interior design in Kolkata is dependent on a lot of factors, such as the scope of work, the size of the house or square footage. The cost may vary for larger 3BHKs to relatively small houses. We would request you to book an appointment and meet our interior design experts so that they can share the estimate with you.

Is this the right time to do my home interiors in Kolkata?

Since the service takes care of all aspects of interior design, any season and any time that works for you is a good time to start the work.

What to consider while hiring interior designers and interior decorators in Kolkata?

Before you contact either an interior designer or a decorator, you need to know the extent of the work in your Kolkata interior. If it involves structural and spatial changes, breaking down walls, etc, then find the best interior designer in Kolkata ideally suited for you. If the changes are only visual and aesthetic, choosing furniture and the overall style, then opt for an interior decorator. Also, be very sure about your budget. It is important to know the expertise of the person you contact so it is always a good idea to speak to the firm or professional you contact.

Why should you hire an apartment interior designer in Kolkata?

They have the skill, the know-how and an understanding of the market to help you make the right decisions when it comes to designing your space. You may have an idea or a vision for your home but an interior designer can execute it seamlessly and without any hassle. With an interior designer on board, the execution and timely delivery then become their responsibility. Finding the best interior designing company is key to getting you the ideally suited home interior for your apartment.

Can I avail of interior design services for a small living space in Kolkata?

Yes. The size of a home or an apartment does not matter; the interior company in Kolkata that you contact will invariably be able to offer interior design solutions for any kind of home, regardless of the size. You can also get in touch with low budget interior designers in Kolkata; they too will be able to work on small spaces and ensure a pocket-friendly Kolkata house design.

Can I reach out to my Beautiful Homes Service interior designer in Kolkata for any queries or clarifications?

Absolutely! We are a full-service interior design company operating in Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and other metros. You can reach out to us at 1800-2095678

Beautiful Homes transformation stories

New Work
Old Work

A bright and luxurious living room

"The carpentry work has been done to our satisfaction. Designer gave us good recommendations"

  • Hatim Asgerbhai Saherwala

New Work
Old Work

A luxurious apartment home in Pune

"Project journey with the Beautiful Homes Service has been quite smooth and professional. We are very satisfied with the final outcome."

  • Mr. Deepesh Sharma


Looking for expert guidance to design your

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Benefits of Hiring Interior Designers in Kolkata

Professionals who have knowledge about the interior design industry and are keyed into the evolving trends in design globally, interior designers in Kolkata can guide homeowners and offer relevant advice. Every homeowner will have distinct tastes and preferences but it is also important to consider the potential and limitations of every kind of Kolkata house design. It is in this regard that the expertise of an interior design company in Kolkata is useful. Interior designers can help their clients get the most out of their Kolkata interior..


Interior Design in Kolkata—The Services

When it comes to home interior design in Kolkata, every detail is looked into by interior designers. Whether it is the entire house interior or limited to specific rooms, interior designers can be appointed as per the requirements of the homeowners. Their expertise ensures every kind of Kolkata interior is tailored to the preferences of its inhabitants.


Modular Kitchens

The modular kitchen is rapidly becoming a convenient replacement for carpenter-made kitchen interiors in Kolkata. A modular kitchen is made up of sections or modules that include cabinets, counters, etc in a range of surfaces and finishes. They are also available in different layouts as well, depending on the homeowners’ preferences and the overall Kolkata house design aesthetic. Every interior company in Kolkata would be able to help with finding the most suitable modular kitchen brand for their clients.


Living Room

The top interior designers in Kolkata pay great attention to personal tastes, spatial configurations and other requirements when it comes to designing a living room for home interior design in Kolkata. The designers or the interior decorators in Kolkata are well versed in all the styles when it comes to design—whether it is traditional or modern, eclectic or minimal.


Bedrooms and Guest Bedrooms

The interior design for the bedroom design is also a significant aspect of Kolkata house design. Whether it is the experienced and top interior designers in Kolkata or the newer ones, they are all experts who understand the particular needs of residents. Creating décor and design that maximises comfort is key to getting this room design right.



Homeowners today understand the importance of giving as much attention to bathroom design as any other room in a home interior design in Kolkata. While functionality is important, the interior company in Kolkata that the homeowner chooses will also offer the best design options to make the space aesthetically pleasing as well, and create a design that works for all sizes, whether it is a big or a small bathroom.


Dining Rooms

Home interior design in Kolkata can either have a seamless living-cum-dining-area or a separate dining room depending on the size of the house. However, regardless of whether it is an open-concept Kolkata house design or a separate dining area, an interior design company in Kolkata will know to create a space that complements the rest of the home.


Pooja Rooms

Pooja rooms in Kolkata interior design is common. Such a mandir for the house could be created in a corner or an alcove within an existing room. In larger homes, the pooja room design can have a dedicated space. This, therefore, is an important space that Kolkata interior designers are experts at designing.



The Difference between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators in Kolkata

The two terms are often used interchangeably, and while there are certain overlapping characteristics between the two professions, there are some obvious differences. An interior designer is a professional who is involved in planning the layout, creating floor plans and undertaking structural changes in homes. Apart from this, they also look at the furniture placement, furnishings, décor, accessories, etc.


Interior decorators, on the other hand, are engaged only to decorate the home, and hired after any structural design or renovation work has been done or if such work is not required. Interior decorators in Kolkata work with homeowners on the style of the house, choosing the furnishings, furniture, art and accessories. An interior designer will decorate the house but an interior decorator won’t necessarily undertake interior design work. It is essential to know the difference to hire the right person for the job.



Hire Home Interior Designers in Kolkata

HAn interior designer is appointed when the Kolkata house design or renovation involves civil work and structural change. Skilled professionals understand the extent of work and offer the expertise needed to ensure the execution is seamless and carried out within the required timelines. It is therefore important that the homeowner does thorough research before choosing the best interior designer in Kolkata for them.. 



Why Choose Beautiful Homes Service for Home Design in Kolkata?

  • As an interior design company in Kolkata, Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints offers the expertise of some of the best interior designers in the city.

  • Our team ensures that homeowners enjoy a personalised experience when it comes to Kolkata interior design.

  • We help articulate the vision homeowners have, offer a variety of styles and help homeowners choose the right one for their houses.

  • Our 3D visualisation software enables homeowners to virtually see their spaces and make any changes they want before execution begins.

  • We ensure timely delivery and work within the budget outlined.

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