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Our design process - how it works

Your home is all about you. From the first call, we try to understand you and your expectations from a living space. Our designers work with you on finding the right balance between aethetics and functionality, while our project manager ensures that budget, time and quality goals are met.


Understanding what you need

Our team will spend time with you to understand your requirement and preferences - functional and aesthetic


Let's co-create your future home

Our designers will work on a unique interior design, and show you the potential of your home - in 3D


Cost optimisation and planning

We will help you make key interior design decisions that suit your budget, before charting out a project plan


Site handover and warranty

Once the work is completed, we hand over the keys to your new home - a successful collaboration!

Easy EMI and Warranty Options

Client testimonials

Apartment in Pune
“Quality and getting everything right was the key thing for us and that is what we got from Asian Paints.”

A luxurious vacation home in Pune 

Apartment; 1100 sft
“What we liked the most was team's focus on finishing the product in best possible manner. Most of the wood work done is looking very well finished. The team was very professional in their approach, and were approachable for discussions whenever needed.”

A simple yet calming home in Kolkata

Apartment; 4 bhk
“I have been associated with Asian Paints for the past 30 years now, I thought of nothing else when I had to get my interior work done. I am happy with how the design has come out basis the 3D output given to me.”

An urbane home in Bengaluru

Interior Design FAQ's

What is the Beautiful Homes Service?

Beautiful Homes Service is an end-to-end, completely personalised service that helps you design and execute the interiors for your dream home.

Can I avail of the service if I want simple and minimal design work done for my house interior design?

Absolutely. Beautiful Homes Service offers personalised solutions for your interior design needs. Our designers talk to you in detail to understand your vision and help you design a space that is in sync with your tastes and preferences. This service is definitely an option for you to consider.

Do I have to get the entire house designed if I book this service?

Not at all. This service works for you even if your renovation is limited to a specific room or area of the house.

Who will supervise the work when I’m not physically present at the house?

Our customer experience specialist (CES) would be your single point of contact for all queries and concerns that you may have. He will be the one to lead the entire project and keep you informed about the progress.

Will I need to visit the site regularly?

No. Our customer experience specialist (CES) is the custodian of your site and he will visit the site and also ensure that you get regular updates about how the work is progressing. The CES is your go-to person in case of any concerns or queries.

Am I allowed to customise the designs for my house according to my taste?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on providing you best-in-class personalised designs to fit your needs. You can consult and collaborate with our customer experience specialist (CES) and interior designer to finalise the design that works for you.

Can I opt for different themes for different rooms in my house?

Definitely! You will be involved in every design decision that is taken. The customer experience specialist (CES) and interior designer will consider and incorporate your opinion and solicit your approval at all stages in the designing phase. The final design will be based on your tastes and on popular trends.

When do I meet the interior designer to communicate my requirements?

Our customer experience specialist (CES) will be the person to contact you first, to understand your needs and get the house interior design plan. He will explain the process to you in detail and understand your needs and your style. He will also clarify any doubts and concerns. In the second meeting, you will get to speak to both the CES and our interior designer, who will show you the proposed design. You will also get to see the design over our state-of-the-art 3D visualiser where you can make changes and see them in real time.

Can I get my furniture custom-made via this service?

Yes, you can. You can work together with our customer experience specialist (CES) and interior designer to create the furniture that fit your needs.

How do I visualise the proposed design for my house?

After a detailed design discussion with our interior designer and CES, they share the proposed designs of your house with the use of our state-of-the-art 3D visualiser. Once you’ve seen what the interior design of your house would look like, you can get into further discussion of any changes that you want made—and see them happening in real time. Along with the design output in the 3D visualiser, you also get to look at it in 2D. Any subsequent changes that you need to make will be made to fit into your taste and liking.

What services do you offer and why should I choose them?

Our services include end-to-end designing and execution of the interior design of your house, which includes furniture, furnishings, decorative lighting, décor accessories, modular kitchen designs, painting and civil work. Experts from their respective fields employ precision and a fine sense of design to execute your vision. This ensures that your house design is entirely personalised. Apart from that, you are completely involved in the design process; you also get to witness the transformation and changes you desire with our exclusive 3D visualiser, to enable you to envision your dream home and make changes in real time. You can also be assured of expert project management and a completely professional experience while we create your beautiful home.

In which cities is this service operational?

As of now, we provide interior design services in eight cities—our stores are in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. We are also active in select pin codes of Coimbatore. Please fill out the form to know if we are operational in your area.

Who will be my contact person for the entire duration of the project?

The customer experience specialist (CES) will be your contact person from the beginning till the end of the interior design project. He will address and assuage any queries or concerns that you have during this time.

Why do I need an interior designer?

When it comes to interior design for home and interior decoration, what we visualise is generally not what we end up getting. This is where employing the skills of an interior designer can make the difference in a functional interior and a great-looking home that is practical as well. An interior designer is the perfect solution when you want comprehensive design solutions, whether it is the technical aspects to the aesthetic interior decoration as well. They can correctly translate the vision you have for your space and enhance it to give you a house interior design that’s well executed & comfortable.


There are several advantages to seeking out the expertise of an interior designer—the most prominent one being the skills and knowledge that they come equipped with. They have solid know-how regarding all aspects of design, are well-versed with the requirements of what the job entails and can advise you on the feasibility of the interior design for home that you have in mind.


Deciding on colour, material and space configuration are the fundamental facets of home design, and when it comes to drawing out a comprehensive and clear plan, an interior designer is your go-to source. They will know exactly what colour schemes and materials to use to ensure your interiors look unique and distinct. They have the knowledge, the eye and the skill set to help you make the best choices for your space. Another important factor that must be considered is that interior designers are updated on the latest and most popular trends when it comes to interior decoration. What’s more, they will also tell you whether a particular trend would work well within your home, what you should adopt and what you should discard.


Their knowledge about the market also come into play when it comes to looking into the different aspects of interior decoration. They will steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing good-quality furniture, furnishings, accessories and other décor-related elements for your home. A good interior designer can also recommend and help you source artworks if you are inclined to have any in your home interior design.


Another advantage of hiring interior design services today is in ensuring your home is energy efficient.  While you may have your heart in the right place, it’s the interior designer who can translate good intentions into proactive action and optimise energy usage.


With an interior designer by your side, you have someone reliable and trustworthy to work on your home design, a single source to tackle all the different elements and people that come into play and help take the load—and the stress—off.

How do I share my ideas for a room with the professional?

As a homeowner keen on designing or renovating your house interior design, your first step is to browse through all available resources. Along with an overarching home design, though, the individual rooms, too, pose a challenge in themselves. It is likely—and a good idea—that before an interior design professional even comes into the picture, only you can know what you like and what you would like to see in your room interior design. In order to ensure that your room interior design aspirations are conveyed to the professional you hire, you should first figure out your tastes. Room interior designs need to be carefully considered to ensure that the room is distinct but also fits well into the overall home design scheme. The best way to do so is a quick round of research; you get an idea about what you like, what’s trending, what’s not and what would be most the suitable interior design that would perfectly reflect your personal preferences. And you don’t have to look too far to narrow down your choices; the Beautiful Homes Interior Design Services website itself has a plethora of images of homes and spaces in a diversity of styles that will help you discover the room interior designs that is in keeping with your sensibilities.


When browsing through images, keep in mind that you look carefully at all the elements that go into designing a space: this includes the space itself—the size of each of the rooms, the layout and the overall aesthetic that you would like to opt for. Then come the other important elements such as the colours that you would like to use and the materials that appeal to you. But remember to ensure that your style requirements are balanced by practical considerations. It is important that the room interior design isn’t just great-looking but functional as well.


Keep all these points in mind when you browse through our pages to find what works best for you. When you have made a selection of visuals, the best thing to do is arrange them properly in a collage of ideas and suggestions—a mood board of sorts that can give you a sense of what’s working and what isn’t. So once you meet with our customer experience specialist (CES) and interior designer to finalise a room interior design, they get a visual reference of your preferences. The final design will be based on your tastes and popular trends while our professionals will ensure it fits into the larger home design as well. And rest assured that all your queries and doubts will be addressed by our CES, who will ensure he understands your needs and plan for the home design.

Why is Beautiful Homes perfect for your home interior design and execution?

Doing up or renovating your home interior design is not a decision that is taken lightly. It involves a lot of careful thought and research. Above all, it also means finding a trustworthy professional who innately understands your tastes, the work involved in doing up house interiors and has the required skills to execute your vision. At Beautiful Homes Interior Design Service, our network of customer experience specialists (CES) and interior designers are well-equipped to realise that perfect home interior design for you. 


We have put together a well-planned process to ensure that your home interior design experience is a smooth one. We will be with you from the conceptualisation and ideating to the planning and execution, right up to the handover. With over 60 interior designers making up our panel of experts, you can be assured that the designing of your house interiors is in secure and skilled hands, and the final result would be one that’s best suited for your family’s comfort. 


Our CES is the first person to contact you and gain an insight into your home interior design requirements. He, in turn, will detail out the process that we follow at Beautiful Homes and allay any concerns and doubts that you may have. A follow-up meeting is where you meet the interior designer assigned to seeing through the design for your house interiors. He is also the one to show you the proposed design, which you also get to visualise on a state-of-the-art 3D visualiser; this enables you to make changes and see them in real time.


Our services run the gamut of house interiors requirements, including end-to-end designing and execution of your home interior design. This includes furniture and furnishings, decorative lighting and décor accessories to modular kitchen designs, painting and civil work. At Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints, we make sure that you stay closely involved throughout the design process and witness the transformation of your house. Our CES is onsite during the execution of the home interior design, ensuring that any glitches and issues are ably, immediately and efficiently handled. As your single point of contact, our CES will keep you regularly updated on the progress.


The design of your house interiors is as important to us as it is to you, but what is also equally significant is ensuring your comfort through the process and giving you the home interior design that’s completely you. The hundreds of satisfied customers across 9 cities are testament to the fact that we take the responsibility of designing your dream home very seriously.

Beautiful Homes transformation stories

New Work
Old Work

A bright and luxurious living room

"The carpentry work has been done to our satisfaction. Designer gave us good recommendations"

  • Hatim Asgerbhai Saherwala

New Work
Old Work

A luxurious apartment home in Pune

"Project journey with the Beautiful Homes Service has been quite smooth and professional. We are very satisfied with the final outcome."

  • Mr. Deepesh Sharma


Looking for expert guidance to design your

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Home Interior Design Services

Interior design is a term that encompasses the creation or the renovation of a space. Given the scope and scale that this work involves, homeowners looking to update their house design can benefit a great deal from consulting interior designers. They are professionals capable of understanding client needs when it comes to home interior design, with industry knowledge and information at their disposal. Interior design services offered by companies typically include everything related to home design—from interior structural changes to décor items, furniture, accessories and all other decorative elements. An interior design service has a team of expert interior designers who can help ensure the home interior design is as per client requirements. They have the skill to balance the functional aspects with aesthetic appeal. Professional interior design service is the best way for homeowners to get just what they are looking for out of their homes.


Types of Interior Design Styles

Every homeowner has distinct tastes and preferences when it comes to house interior design but the interior styles typically fall into certain broad classifications. The style of a particular space is reflected in the materials, the accessories, the number of decorative elements used around the space, the furnishings and the colour scheme that dominates the space. Modern interior designs, for example, are all about natural materials and a clutter-free space. A more traditional interior design style, on the other hand, uses more decorative elements and bright colours. However, it is also important to know that these styles are not rigid and do tend to overlap.

  1. Modern Interior Design

    Colours, materials, the type of furniture and the kind of fabrics used for furnishings all play a role in defining what the modern interior design for home looks like. Originating in the 1950s, this style, known as mid-century modern interior design, uses neutral shades, such as whites, cream, beige, pale yellow, etc. Such kinds of spaces consciously go easy on the décor, with minimal accessories. The furniture pieces tend to be clean-cut and visually light. There is also an emphasis on ensuring that the space receives ample natural light. This kind of interior style uses a lot of natural materials, such as wood, natural stone, etc. Keeping the space free of clutter and using lighter colours are hallmarks of this style.

  2. Industrial Interior Design

    This style emerged in urban cities in the US and UK in the 1950s when large warehouses were converted into homes. Taking their cue from the bare 'industrial' look of such spaces, the industrial interior design for home is characterised by an open-plan layout that receives abundant natural light. The style includes the use of natural material in its exposed form, such as exposed concrete or exposed red brick. Muted colours such as greys and brows, metallic accents and a fuss-free décor are elements of this style.

  3. Indian Interior Design

    Traditionally, Indian homes have always been high on accessories, bright or earthy colours, bold prints and wooden furniture. The Indian interior design style, therefore, is a reflection of this aesthetic. Creating a cosy space is integral to this kind of house design and this is typically achieved through warm colours and the display of decorative items and accessories. Natural light and tall ceilings are also typical of this style, as is intricately carved wooden furniture. This style can also be implemented in Homes interior design of modern compact cities if used correctly.

  4. Bohemian Interior Design

    A casual and informal aesthetic is key to creating a bohemian interior designs. A plethora of patterns and textures, different types of furniture, interior elements that belong to different styles and furniture that may belong to different periods are characteristic of this style. The idea is to mix and match various elements and pieces in a way that is cohesive while still making the space look quirky. There are no clear rules to getting this style right but it is important to not go overboard or it could lead to a chaotic-looking space.

  5. Contemporary Interior Design

    Contemporary interior design for home refers to what is in style here and now. Traditional or classic design styles that would have dominated decades ago would also have been considered contemporary at the time. Currently, contemporary interior designs reflect the predominant preference of homeowners today, which is a minimalist palette, going easy on accessories and keeping things simple. A contemporary interior can be a mix of different styles within a decor that is simple and elegant. Clean lines, less clutter and bold and bright accents.

  6. Rustic Interior Design

    A welcoming vibe expressed through natural materials, earthy tones, warm light and wood are the main features of rustic interior design. Inspired by country homes interior design and log cabins, this style stays close to all things organic. The rustic style in modern city homes helps to create an inviting space. Rustic interior designs use generous amounts of wood and an earthy colour scheme. There is a preference for natural materials, including fabrics for soft furnishings and a variety of textures. A connection with the outdoors is a key element of this look
  7. Minimalist Interior Design

    Minimalism is all about simple design and following the less is more concept of design. A clean and uncluttered look and neutral colours are the main elements of minimalist interior design for home. Minimalism is the kind of aesthetic that adheres to the 'less is more' concept. The objective is to create an elegant space without adding too many elements or accessories. Minimalist interior designs focus on the bare necessities, where functionality is a priority. Aesthetic appeal follows the practical benefits.

  8. Scandinavian Interior Design

    The Scandinavian interior design style is similar to the minimalist style and originated in countries such as Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden, sometime in the 1930s. While this interior design follows the less is more principle of minimalism, it emphasises creating cosy spaces by using warm colours and natural materials like wood. It involves using soft textures and highlights the importance of natural light in creating spaces that are vibrant and comfortable while being simply designed.


What We Design at Beautiful Homes

As a full-service interior solutions agency, Beautiful Homes Service offers the gamut of services needed for any home design project. Right from ideating and creating a design to the execution and all the necessary steps in-between, Beautiful Homes Service looks into every aspect of an interior project. This also includes the design of the different rooms, as well as offering furniture, furnishing and décor options.

  1. Modular Kitchens

    A kitchen that is made in a factory as opposed to creating something onsite is known as a modular kitchen. It is so called because it consists of individual components (or modules) and sections that are brought together to form the modular kitchen design. A modular kitchen design can be personalised to the requirements of the homeowner. This is done by considering the size and layout of the area allocated to the kitchen, the homeowners' preferences in terms of style, colour and materials, as well as the number of storage units needed. Modular kitchens come in a variety of layouts as well, including the L-shaped, U-shaped, parallel and straight.

  2. Custom Furniture

    Finding the right furniture for different rooms of the house interior design can be a challenging task. It needs to satisfy the personal tastes of homeowners as well as fit seamlessly into the room it is meant for without overwhelming the space. As an end-to-end solutions provider, Beautiful Homes Service offers homeowners custom furniture designed to meet the requirements of the space. From living room furniture pieces to the bedroom and kitchen, all kinds of pieces are created as per specification and taste.

  3. Furnishings and Décor Items

    Beautiful Homes Service offers homeowners a wide and diverse range of soft furnishings. There is a variety of patterns, styles and textures to choose from when it comes to curtains, carpets, and upholstery for the furniture pieces among other fabrics suitable for interiors. They are available in different materials, so clients can make a selection based on their tastes. Décor accessories that are key to creating a well-designed home are also on offer and include a variety of options.

  4. Wall Paints and Wallpapers

    There is a growing trend among homeowners to use their walls as more than just structures of support or backdrops for artworks and wall hangings. Walls are increasingly becoming integral in a house interior design, with the concept of accent walls gaining in popularity. With Beautiful Homes Service, homeowners can avail of textured paint or wallpapers that are available in different prints, motifs and patterns to highlight the walls of a home.

  5. Modular Wardrobes and Cupboards

    Modular wardrobes and cupboards have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to maximise storage space in bedrooms while also adding aesthetic appeal. The second most important piece of furniture in a bedroom after the bed, modular wardrobes and cupboards on offer at Beautiful Homes Service can be customised to suit the needs of the homeowners and seamlessly fit the aesthetic of the space. They also come in a variety of configurations, from swing-door wardrobes to 2-, 3-, 4-door sliding wardrobes. Homeowners can also select from a wide choice of materials used for these modular wardrobes.

  6. Lighting

    Lighting fixtures play a very important role in enhancing the aesthetic of your home interiors. Apart from their functional relevance, decorative lighting fixtures can add an element of style to the space. At Beautiful Homes Service, homeowners have a range of fixtures to select from—chandeliers, pendant lights and floor lamps to table lamps and wall sconces. The decorative lights are available in a variety of styles as well, from contemporary to modern and traditional.