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Modular Kitchen Designs

Key Elements of a Modular Kitchen Design

Ensure faultless function with all the right appliances

Our choices of top-of-the-line kitchen appliances make cooking a fun pursuit as you experiment with mouth-watering recipes.

Choose among several module options to add variety to your kitchen

Base cabinets, open cabinets, wall units or tall units, pull-outs or breakfast counters—our modules come in different sizes and diverse finishes to complement any kind of kitchen décor.

A selection of shutters that enhance your space

A wide range of colours, high-gloss or matte finishes and a variety of surfaces such as acrylic, glass, laminates or veneers—choose the shutters that work best for your space.

Modular Kitchen Design With White and Grey Colour Palette for Kitchen Shutters - Beautiful Homes

Equip your kitchen with long-lasting hardware

A range of durable hardware that has a long lifespan and ensures your kitchen functions smoothly is yours for the taking.

Hardware for Modular Kitchen Cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Accessories that raise the bar of your kitchen design

They are as innovative as they are functional—our selection of accessories will not only add to the aesthetic of your kitchen but also add an element of style to cooking.

Modular Kitchen Design With White and Grey Colour Palette for Kitchen Shutters - Beautiful Homes Hardware for Modular Kitchen Cabinets - Beautiful Homes

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FAQs about Modular Kitchen Design

What are the services provided in Kitchen Interior Design?

In kitchen interior design we offer complete end-to-end designing and execution of the Kitchen interiors of your house. This includes modular kitchen designing and execution, accessories, appliances, painting and civil work. Everything is created with expert precision, keeping in mind your taste and style, making it completely personalized to fit your needs.

What all things are to be done in the interior works for a Modern Kitchen?

We take care of the complete end-to-end designing and execution of the kitchen design. From the creation of modules, wall units, kitchen cabinet designs etc. to the installation of appliances like chimneys, hobs and cooktops among many more, we ensure that your modular kitchen interior design is beautiful and functional at the same time.

Can I customize the design for my Kitchen Interiors according to my taste?

We pride ourselves on providing you best in class personalized designs to fit your needs for Kitchen interiors. You can work together with our Customer Experience Specialist and the Kitchen Interior designer to create the kitchen designs of your house that fit your style, taste and needs.

Can I avail the service if I want a very simple and minimal kitchen design work done for my Kitchen?

Beautiful Homes Service is completely personalized to fit your style, taste and needs. Our kitchen designers would talk to you in detail to understand your vision and help you design modern modular kitchen as per your taste. Be it a simple kitchen design or a modular kitchen, we have got you covered.

When can I meet the interior designer to communicate my requirements?

Our Customer Experience Specialist will visit your house first to understand your kitchen design needs and requirements. He would explain the kitchen interior design process in detail and would understand your needs and style. He will clear all your doubts and concerns at this stage. In the 2nd visit, our expert kitchen interior designer will visit your site with the Customer Experience Specialist to have a detailed kitchen design discussion. He will show you the proposed kitchen designs over our state-of-the-art 3D visualizer, where you can make changes to the design and see those changes happen in real-time. In the current circumstances, you can opt to have these meetings online as well.

Which cities is this service operational in?

As of now, we are active in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. We are also active in selected pin codes of Coimbatore, Trichy, and Madurai as well. Please fill out the form to know if your area is serviceable for Modular Kitchen Interior Design.

Which team will supervise my house when I’m out of the house at work?

The Customer Experience Specialist will lead the entire project and get you regular details about the progress at the site. The Customer Experience Specialist would be the Single Point of Contact for all the queries and concerns that you may have related to interior design of kitchen and other areas of your home. Thus, you do not need to worry about the supervision of your home interior design.

What are modern ideas for a small kitchen?

Small spaces are big problems for people living in metros, who have to downsize their interior design kitchen for them to work well in compact spaces. This includes finding just the right kind of kitchen design that will make what is the busiest zone of a house comfortable, aesthetic and, above all, efficient. Kitchen interior design ideas that follow a modern aesthetic are typically best suited for small spaces: it’s clean, the colour palette is muted and embellishments are kept to a bare minimum. Executing a small kitchen design may seem like quite the challenge but it is easier than you think!


The first thing to tackle when it comes to kitchen interior design ideas is the colour scheme. White on the walls makes the space appear larger than it is. You can offset the white on the walls with other pale hues for the cabinetry if you want some variety. A backsplash of tiles is a great way to bring in some style without overwhelming the space, and you can get creative here if your walls are a neutral shade. Add in bright pops of colour through the cutlery and cookware you pick. Avoid darker colours on a larger scale will make the space look too cramped. Glossy finishes for countertops that help reflect the light are a good kitchen design idea to work into small kitchens.


A window is a must-have in kitchens; it lets in natural light, ensures good ventilation and brings in fresh air and makes the space look bigger. So keep your window free of any clutter. For a small kitchen design, a door can make the space look too cluttered, so opt for sliding or glass variants—sliding doors take up less space and glass makes the space look bigger.


When it comes to kitchen interior design ideas, storage is a top priority. In a small kitchen, open shelving units on the wall are a good way to open up the kitchen and free up the floor space. Build cabinets higher up on the ceiling to store the lesser-used kitchen tools and appliances. While it is a good idea to try and fit your smaller appliances—the grinder, hand-mixer, etc—inside the cabinet, you can display your nice-looking cookware in open or glass cabinets. They add an element of style to the overall kitchen design. When it comes to accessories and any furniture, don’t add things you won’t need. Finally, lighting is crucial in kitchens, so make sure your task lighting is strategically placed. You can even opt for pendant lights—they make for a stylish kitchen interior design idea. Add a plant to the windowsill to liven up the space.

What are the essentials required in the kitchen?

Any modern kitchen interior design must have certain features to ensure that the process of cooking is smooth, efficient and enjoyable. A smart-looking kitchen is not just about the design or the aesthetic; it is also about an optimised workflow and practical approach. To make the kitchen interior design appeal to everyone, from the frequent user to the rare user who ventures in only when they are hungry, some kitchen décor items are must-haves for every kitchen.


Kitchen décor items in a modern kitchen all work towards making the space highly efficient. These essentials are all there because they serve a purpose. To begin with, an important component is well-planned storage space in terms of cabinets and shelving units. The cabinet designs should be simple and clean-lined and help to streamline the kitchen interior design. The cabinets range from wall cupboards and pull-out drawers to under-the-counter cabinets and waste bins, among others. The appliances you have in your kitchen are the main players when it comes to cooking, so an efficiently working food processor, dishwasher and refrigerator are important. A chimney too is an integral kitchen décor item.


Countertops are intrinsic to good kitchen interior design. The number and placement of your countertops depend on your kitchen layout so once you figure that out, focus on the material you’d want. A smart-looking countertop enhances the aesthetic of the kitchen, so think about the design, pattern and colour. But do also consider the durability of the countertop as most of the work happens on these surfaces. Some materials you can opt for include the ever-reliable marble or granite, quartz, which is easy to maintain and scratch-resistant, or even soapstone if you don’t mind experimenting with darker shades.


The flooring of the kitchen is also something to think about. Given the frequent and rough use of this area, the flooring should be durable, easy to maintain and long-lasting, so think long and hard before you decide on this particular kitchen décor item. Of considerable significance when one thinks of kitchen interior design is the lighting. Lighting well and lighting right are essential elements of an efficient kitchen. Recessed lighting right over the busiest countertops is a great way to ensure sophistication and functionality. You can even place them inside cabinets. Pendant lights are a good way to add some soft lighting to the kitchen. Durable, clean and clutter-free should be the mainstay of all the kitchen décor items that you pick. A window cannot be emphasised too much. It’s important for ventilation, fresh air and light!

What are the advantages of a customised modular kitchen?

Convenience plays a dominating role when you think of kitchen design. Conveniently placed tools and gadgets, a convenient work counter, convenient materials to facilitate cooking and preparing meals. And there can be nothing more convenient than modular kitchens, especially when they are customisable. As spaces go, no other room in the house is as much about storage as the kitchen. From cutlery to appliances to preservatives and perishables, kitchen storage takes on paramount importance. Modular kitchen designs effortlessly take care of this to maximise your kitchen storage capacity. Their multitude of cabinetry, pull-out drawers and shelves are meant to hold every kind of kitchen essential. The best part is that you can customise your modular kitchen design according to your specific needs.


For homeowners who are on a budget, nothing can be more convenient than a customised modular kitchen. Apart from the kind of storage you want, you also get to pick the materials and finishes. While modular kitchens are all about function, you can also be assured of a great-looking design. Select the colour scheme that best works for you, in a palette that will lend your kitchen the right kind of ambience to make cooking more of a delight and less of a chore. Imagine being able to customise your kitchen cabinets to complement the colour palette you have used throughout the house! It’s an advantage that will lend some design continuity to your house.


Space utilisation is another advantage you enjoy when you customise your modular kitchen design. The layout of your kitchen, whether big or small, can look as efficient and clutter-free as you want because the design you approve will be made to measure to fit the space you have. So you don’t have to worry even if your kitchen area is not wide enough; you can customise a modular kitchen design to your requirements.


If you like your kitchen seamless, with the different elements complementing each other, then customised modular kitchens are just the thing for you. You can make provisions to include various kitchen appliances and tools—from the refrigerator to cookware and cutlery—in your modular kitchen design. An important advantage is that you stay within the budget you have defined for your kitchen while still getting something that’s efficient and aesthetic.

What makes Beautiful Homes perfect for a customised modular kitchen design?

Every design dream needs to be supported by experts with the know-how, the skills and the vision to understand your requirements and tastes and ensure they are turned into reality. At Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints, we offer our customers end-to-end solutions for all their interior design objectives, including guiding you in the best modular kitchen interior for your modern home. We have in place a comprehensive process when it comes to design your kitchen.


Our customer service executive is your first point of contact; in the initial meeting, he understands exactly what you want out of your modern kitchen design, your tastes and preferences. He also explains the process thoroughly, from concept to final handover. In the next phase, you get to discuss your plans for the modular kitchen interior with our interior designer who has been assigned to you. Based on your brief, he will propose a design which you can see in the format of a drawing, as well as view on our state-of-the-art 3D visualiser. This allows you to make any changes you wish to and finalise your modern kitchen design. Our interior modular kitchen designer will work with you to guide and advise and make recommendations that will enhance your modular kitchen design.


We also help you finalise the kind of materials that are best suited for your needs. Before the work begins, we also draw up an extensive schedule to make sure work flows smoothly and all the deadlines are met. Our customer service executive is at hand throughout the execution process to oversee the completion, making sure it happens within the deadline and within the budget. Above all, we offer everything that you need to get the complete modern kitchen design under one roof, from quality kitchen appliances, well-designed accessories, the required furniture in a kitchen, durable hardware and a variety of shutter options as well, not just in matte or gloss finishes but in a spectrum of colours.


When it comes to storage space, the focus of any kitchen requirement, we provide a wide range of options in terms of the modules. Our cabinets come in different sizes and finishes—base cabinets, open cabinets, wall units, pull-outs and if you visualise a breakfast counter in your modern kitchen design aesthetic, we have that as well. When it comes to customising options for your modular kitchen interiors, we have you covered!


Your modern kitchen design is in expert hands with Beautiful Homes and you can be assured of a hassle-free, professional experience by our modular kitchen designers.

What is a modular kitchen?

It’s the busiest part of the house, the one space where work is on till the household shuts down for the night. An efficiently run kitchen is central to a smoothly functioning home and to accomplish that, you must find the kitchen interior design idea that works for you. The easiest solution to a rather challenging objective is in putting your faith in modular kitchens. 


Simply put, modular kitchens include ‘modules’ or small individual sections that you arrange together to form the complete kitchen, as opposed to constructing from scratch. In today’s modern homes, particularly in cities where one doesn’t have the luxury of space, modular kitchens are the best way to optimise storage and increase functionality without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Such kitchens are tailor-made to make maximum use of available space, so that takes care of getting a smart kitchen even in a compact space. Integral to the idea of a modular kitchen is storage; it is designed to make space for every kind of kitchen equipment and tool. Storage comes in the form of different types of cabinets—wall, floor, tall storage, storage meant for small appliances and gadgets— pull-out drawers, sliding doors, trolleys, baskets and shelves. Convenience is a key ingredient when it comes to modular kitchens so everything you need for cooking is easily accessible.


Most importantly, a modular kitchen is, by default, well organised, perfectly ordered and free from any kind of clutter. As kitchen interior design ideas go, the modular kitchen is a great option for homes.

Why should you get a modular kitchen?

They are easy to put together, with the individual modules sliding into place, much like a perfectly fitting jigsaw. And they are even easy to dismantle if you have to move! The reasons to select modular kitchen designs are plenty and all of them point to making your kitchen experience as hassle-free as possible.


A modular kitchen is easy to customise. Every kitchen requirement and usage will be different for different people, so customising options are a great way to ensure you get what you want. You can choose the storage options, from the cabinets and drawers you want to the placement of the trolleys. You can even pick out the finishes that work well within your home interiors and find the best layout for the size of your designated kitchen space.


All of this ensures that you use the time in the kitchen very efficiently. In a modular kitchen, where everything is designed to maximise space and efficiency, everything is easily accessible and at hand. You don’t spend time searching for things and tools you need as you prepare food.


Modular kitchens suit every kind of budget too. They come in several permutations and combinations that it is easy to find modular kitchen designs that appeal to your tastes and your wallet.


They are also far easier to maintain and clean. Durability is key to any good modular kitchen design which is a major feature of modular kitchens. They are built to last and are meant for rough use.


And most importantly, even if kitchens are primarily a place of high function, aesthetically appeal should not be compromised. And modular kitchens take care of the style end of things too, with diverse finishes, colours and furniture options for you to select.

What are the types of modular kitchens?

Any kind of fit for every kind of space—that is essentially the modular kitchen mantra. The area that you designate for your kitchen could be small, large or somewhere in-between, the layout may be long or square, you can be sure to find a modular kitchen interior layout that adapts well to the space. Kitchen layouts come in a variety of options and you can select one based on personal preference and space utilisation.

Straight: If your space is compact, then this modular kitchen style is a great option. A straight kitchen style engages only a single wall for cooking, washing and storage areas.

U-shaped: Here, three walls are dedicated to storage and you also get quite an expansive counter area. The U-shaped modular kitchen interior style is perfect for larger spaces.

L-shaped: As the name suggests, two walls come together at a 90-degree angle. This is a great option because it forms what is called the ‘golden triangle’ by default. For an efficiently running kitchen, this golden triangle ensures the cooking, cleaning and washing areas in your kitchen form a triangle to ensure smooth workflow.

Parallel: Two counters run parallel to each other in this modular kitchen style. All essential appliances and items are within easy reaching distance. This is another great way to maximise space in small kitchens.
Here's why you should choose parallel kitchen for your home.


Island: This is the kind of modular kitchen format everyone would love to have. The island provides more room for preparation and storage. It’s functional but aesthetic too and a great spot for morning breakfasts or lazy afternoon teas.


While this is a broad classification of modular kitchen interior styles, you can customise any style you choose to your liking. Because every kitchen is in itself a unique space and every homeowner has unique tastes!

Why should you choose Beautiful Homes for your modular kitchens?

Finding a trustworthy collaborator in getting you the best kind of modular kitchen for your home is the most important decision you need to make. After all, doing up your kitchen—whether it is a brand new one or a renovation—is not something that one can indulge in too often. So brainstorming on the best-suited kitchen interior design ideas and the professional to help you achieve it, is all-important. At Beautiful Homes, we pride ourselves on putting our customer needs and requirements as a top and only priority. Designing modular kitchens is a significant category of the interior design services we offer our customers.


Our extensive process, spearheaded by our customer service executive, facilitates the smooth execution of the kitchen interior design ideas. You finalise what you want after a comprehensive discussion with our modular kitchen designer. We also arrange home visits before work starts to get a detailed understanding of the space allocated for the kitchen, which will help us help you with the ideal layout and storage. Your needs and requirements take primacy in ensuring that the project is completed seamlessly and fits within your budget.


You can be assured of only the best-quality modular kitchen regardless of the budget. And you don’t have to look anywhere else for advice on the materials, finishes, colours and furniture too. Our portfolio of offerings includes everything, from kitchen appliances and hardware to material finishes and a wide selection of cabinet and storage options. Our customisable kitchen interior design ideas take care of every requirement but also enable you to get an aesthetic space with your style. All you have to do is get in touch with us—we do the rest!

What are the advantages of a modular kitchen?

There are plenty of advantages to opting for a modular kitchen especially if you live in big metros that tend to have small homes. A compact kitchen throws up many challenges when it comes to narrowing down on the best-suited kitchen interior design. For modern homes, therefore, modular kitchens come as great, practical solutions.


Given that they are made up of individual modules or units, modular kitchens can be adapted depending on the size and layout of your kitchen-designated space. The idea behind this kind of kitchen is that it is shaped as per the configuration of the room.


Another valuable upside to modular kitchens is the fact that good storage is central to the design. And what’s more, you have a variety of different storage options to choose from—the kind of cabinets, tall or wall units, pull-out drawers, even storage space for gadgets and appliances is planned out.


While practicality is the priority when it comes to kitchen interior design, the aesthetic end of the spectrum should also be considered. Preparing meals, after all, does require the right kind of ambience. With modular kitchens, you can be assured of getting to select well-styled options with a clean, modern aesthetic and a wide range of finishes in varying colours that would smarten up the home.


Modular kitchens score high when it comes to efficiency too; it is also easy to clean, maintain and repair, in case there is any damage to a module or unit. If you stay in a rented place, then an added advantage for you is that modular kitchens are easy to remove and easy to install. So in a new house, it is one less hassle for you.

Are modular kitchens durable?

Anyone who is in charge of cooking and spends quite a bit of time in the kitchen would know the importance of having a space that is not only efficient but easy to maintain. A kitchen that can withstand the rough use it will inevitably have to face, from spills and stains to infestation of ants or termites is the kind that every homeowner will appreciate. Modular kitchen, to a large extent, is safeguarded against such problems. Generally, when kitchens are constructed, the material used for cabinets and other storage is wood. This makes them vulnerable to termites, which can be a hassle to deal with. When it comes to modular kitchen design, the materials and finishes are well chosen with the idea of making the space easy to maintain. Most modular kitchen makers are conscious about the quality of the materials they use, so if you choose to go with wood, then it is treated to resist boiling water and moisture of any sort. 


Other modular kitchen design elements that increase the longevity of the kitchen is using aluminium to line the doors of the storage cabinets. This serves as added protection from water and ensures they last longer. Modular kitchens are essentially meant for rough use to be able to handle stains and water spots. And in the event of damage, they can be a true blessing. You won’t have to resign yourself to the damage; you can just replace the module or individual unit that has been damaged. Modular kitchens ensure you get more out of the space and get more for your budget.

What is the difference between a modular kitchen and a carpenter-made kitchen?

A space of high traffic, high function and continuous activity, kitchens should be spaces of comfort and efficiency. Whether opt to get your carpenter to design it or you shop around for reliable modular kitchen makers, the goal has to be a kitchen interior design that ensures you get the most out of the space.


A modular kitchen is machine-made and then manually assembled, which means that a good, reliable maker will create kitchens that are accurately designed in terms of fittings and cabinetry with a focus on quality. A carpenter has to build one from scratch and while that too can be skilfully made, it would depend entirely on the carpenter, which leaves some margin for error.


In a modular kitchen, individual ‘modules’ can be dismantled and reassembled while the carpenter-made kitchen interior design is usually an entire unit in itself, leaving no scope for disassembling any singular portion.


When it comes to carpenter-made kitchens, the default base material is often wood, which means it is more susceptible to damage by moisture, spillage and possible termite infestation. Modular kitchens, on the other hand, irrespective of material, are laminated, which increases durability and safeguards any wood used.


Finally, modular kitchens may be expensive but they last longer and come with a warranty period. So in case of any damage or repair work needed, you can get it done free of cost if it is covered in the warranty. (Check this with the modular kitchen maker you pick. It could be different for different brands.) Carpenter-made kitchens may be easy on the pocket, to begin with, but that too depends on the carpenter and his ability to offer a quality product. In case there is ever any damage or repair work needed, it would mean shelling out more money.

What are the reasons to invest in a modular kitchen?

Hassle-free, highly efficient, low maintenance and long-lasting. When it comes to modular kitchens, there are some things that you can expect regardless of the manufacturer you choose. As important as the kitchen is to a home, narrowing down on the right kind of modular kitchen interior style takes on great significance. It is also not the kind of space that you will want to keep renovating or changing so getting it right the first time cannot be stressed on enough. In this regard, modular kitchens tick off all the important boxes when it comes to offering a good-quality, durable modular kitchen interior. So even if a reputed and reliable maker may mean you having to shell out a little more than you wanted, it is an investment well-made.


First off is the installation. It is very easy to install and uninstall given that it’s essentially fitting fragmented units together. You don’t even have to bother calling anyone for help or assistance at any point if you disassemble units to deep-clean cabinetry or anything of the sort. You can do it yourself. In modern homes in metros, modular kitchens are particularly good choices because of their clean, clutter-free look, high storage and flexibility to be adaptable for any size of kitchen. There are storage options for everything, from the perishables to the smaller appliances, so organisation is taken care of—an important aspect in any modular kitchen interior design.


It helps that modular kitchen options are generally aesthetically appealing with a range of finishes and colour and diverse storage options. They will fit right into your modern home interiors. If you choose to you can even customise your modular kitchen to your preferences. Investing in one, therefore, is a good long-term plan.

What is the difference between a kitchen and a modular kitchen?

The word ‘kitchen’ is associated with the conventional carpenter-made kitchen, which is constructed onsite itself by the carpenter. A modular kitchen, on the other hand, is manufactured in a factory. It refers to independent sections or modules, such as cabinets, countertops etc, which are made separately and installed and assembled in the house. The number of units or modules selected is determined by the space, layout and homeowner requirements.

Is a modular kitchen necessary?

It isn’t necessary for homeowners to choose a modular kitchen over a carpenter-made one. However, it is very convenient to opt for this than the traditional kitchen. A modular kitchen is very easy to customise and install. It is also rapidly gaining in popularity as the maintenance, convenience and comfort of using one is very high.

Why is a modular kitchen the best choice?

A modular kitchen design is a very practical and convenient choice for homeowners. In general, a readymade modular kitchen is highly customisable in terms of storage and finishes that it comes in. A branded modular kitchen from a reliable company will further ensure that the quality of the product is good. Such kitchens offer great storage capacity and cater to the requirements of homeowners. There are also affordable varieties that are budget-friendly, so be sure to look at the modular kitchen price list before selecting a brand and size.

Modular Kitchen Designs

A modular kitchen is entirely factory-made and consists of individual components and sections that are brought together to form the modular kitchen design. A modular kitchen design can be personalised to the requirements of the homeowner. For this purpose, a modular kitchen designer takes into consideration the size and layout of the area allocated to the kitchen, the homeowners’ preferences in terms of style, colour and materials, as well as the number of modular kitchen cabinet and cupboard needs. Many factors play a role in deciding these elements to offer personalised design. A modular kitchen cost also depends on the materials, finishes, cabinets, etc.



Types of Modular Kitchen Interior Options

There are a variety of options when it comes to modular kitchen layouts. The ones best suited for a particular home depend on the size of the house and the spatial planning, how many walls are allocated for the kitchen and other such factors. The modular kitchen price is also a significant point to consider especially if the homeowners have a specific budget allocated.  

  1. An L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    An ‘L’ shaped modular kitchen layout is when the kitchen is planned across two perpendicular walls. In such a modular kitchen, the appliances, work areas, like the stove and the sink, counters and storage areas are planned along and on the two walls. This is a very flexible layout since it allows for easy, unhindered movement. And it also works in urban city apartments, where the living room design can have an open floor plan which leads to a modular kitchen.

  2. A Parallel Modular Kitchen

    This modular kitchen, like the L-shaped one, also takes up two walls. However, in this layout the two walls are parallel. This kind of design is also known as a galley kitchen and is ideally suited for long and narrow spaces. This kitchen layout, too, offers, storage against two walls, and two counters and allows for an efficient workflow. It allows for keeping the wet and dry areas separate. In such a layout, the stovetop and sink can be placed in a line opposite the refrigerator, or any of these two important elements together facing the third one.

  3. A U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

    A U-shaped modular kitchen design as the name suggests is in the form of the letter U and occupies three walls—two that face each other with a connecting wall between them. This is the best modular kitchen layout if the space for the kitchen is large. It is also the kind of layout that can easily accommodate an island counter. It has a lot of counter space, can accommodate a lot of kitchen components and uses the floor space well. 

  4. A Straight Modular Kitchen

    This kitchen is the smallest layout available and is the best modular kitchen option for small or compact homes, including studio apartments. A straight kitchen occupies just one wall. In this space-saving layout, the cabinets are all arranged in a straight line and there is only one counter on which all appliances and utilities are organised. Given that this is a small space requiring fewer cabinets and hence fewer materials, the modular kitchen price for the straight layout will be proportionately lower. This simple modular kitchen can still add style to the space.

  5. An Island Modular Kitchen

    An island modular kitchen is extremely convenient. The island can work as a counter to have meals as well as an additional worktop. An island modular kitchen is one where an island counter is incorporated into the design. It can be added to any kind of layout but there should be enough space for it in the house. An island counter makes the workflow high efficient and also allows for more storage space.

  6. Modular Kitchen by Material and Finish

    The latest modular kitchen designs that homeowners can avail of include a variety of materials and finishes. According to their personal preferences and the overall aesthetic of their homes, homeowners in the market for modular kitchens can pick any material, from wood to acrylic and PVC. The materials chosen for the modular kitchen cupboard, cabinet and drawer options are key to creating the right look. 

  7. A PVC Modular Kitchen

    PVC kitchen or polyvinyl chloride is a commonly manufactured polymer or synthetic resin, which is created out of the process of polymerisation of vinyl chloride. Polymerisation refers to a chemical chain reaction, where smaller molecules combine to produce larger chain-like molecules. This is called a polymer, which is a plastic composite sheet. Highly durable and versatile, PVC has also become the material of choice when it comes to cabinetry and countertops. This makes it a material to explore for modular kitchen design.

  8. A Wooden Modular Kitchen

    Wood continues to be the popular choice for homeowners given its timeless appeal. Even when it comes to modular kitchens, wood as a material to use has not lost its appeal. There are a variety of wooden modular kitchen designs for homeowners to choose from if they want to combine the efficiency of modular kitchens and the timelessness of wood in their spaces.
  9. An Acrylic Modular Kitchen

    This long-lasting material is a visually appealing option with its glossy reflective surface and is functional as well, given its durability. The acrylic modular kitchen design uses a synthetic plastic material that comprises at least one derivative of acrylic acid. In a modular kitchen, acrylic sheets are used, by pasting them onto MDF or HDF boards, and sometimes plywood as well. As a material, acrylic can be painted on. Modular kitchen crockery unit, cabinet and drawer designs in acrylic are therefore available in many colours.

  10. An Aluminium Modular Kitchen

    Aluminium is the latest modular kitchen design material that has generated interest among homeowners. Aesthetically, an aluminium modular kitchen imparts a sleek and minimalist look to kitchens which makes these spaces look professional. It is also a good option because it is easy to clean, does not allow any protection against bacteria or pests of any sort and is also moisture-proof. Moreover, aluminium is also an environmentally friendly option.



The Advantages of a Modular Kitchen Interior Design

  • The modular kitchen is factory-made so there is a certain accuracy and precision that can be expected.
  • It is very easy to assemble a modular kitchen.
  • It is highly flexible and can be customised to suit the requirements of the homeowners.
  • Storage, which is of great importance in Indian kitchens, is never a problem in a modular kitchen design.
  • It comes in a variety of materials, finishes and colours.
  • A modular kitchen design ensures optimal use of the kitchen space available.
  • A modular kitchen is also easy to install and maintain.