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Aesthetic-elevating painted ceiling ideas

  • Interior Design
By Gauri Kelkar
7 min read
Dec 28, 2022
Pastel painted ceiling design matching with the colour of the room – Beautiful Homes

Here’s how that often-neglected ceiling can become a canvas for creative and colourful ideas  

They are the most significant structural parts in a house. However, ceilings often tend to be easily neglected, at least as far as using them for creative and cool décor ideas is concerned. Now, though, the trend of incorporating interesting false ceiling designs has put it front and centre for décor ideas. What’s even better is that not all such ideas need to be complicated. You can depend on good old-fashioned paint to get distinctive painted ceiling ideas to implement around the house.

From best-suited false ceiling colours to modern ceiling paint design ideas, there’s something for everyone. A word of advice—opt for a colour and a pattern that works well with the aesthetic you have in that particular room. Here are nine painted ceiling design ideas that can make your space come alive.

1. Ceiling Paint Colour Design That Creates a Contrast

White is a classic, all-time favourite painted ceiling option. However, if you want an intimate space that is bold, opt for dark coloured ceiling. A sober grey or even midnight black coloured ceiling paint will add a striking edge to the room. You can also use a darker tone for the ceiling and walls and contrast it dramatically with your flooring.

Dark blue false ceiling colour design ideas – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

Turquoise blue geometric false ceiling paint colour design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nivasa

2. Play with Patterns for Your Ceiling Colour Designs

If you’re in the mood to experiment, then use patterns and swirls, or play with geometries for your ceiling design. Use different colours to paint in the patterns that you want. Patterns in different shades as your false ceiling colours can be a cool, quirky complement to your interior design.

3. Look Up for a Complement: Coloured Ceiling Paint to Offset the Home Design

Whatever colour or pattern you choose for your coloured ceilings, make sure it suits the space. Whether it is a ceiling texture design that has a wooden vibe to it, or just ceiling border design colours, it should complement your overall aesthetic.

Textured gold & rustic coloured ceiling paint ideas – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nivasa

Neutral beige coloured ceiling paint design ideas – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

4. False Ceiling Paint Ideas for the Inverted Tray

A ‘tray’ ceiling, also popularly known as the recessed ceiling, is a rectangular-shaped border around the perimeter of the ceiling. Make an elevating statement with the tray ceiling by using a bright shade to add a pop of colour to the entire room. But for this to work, the interior design of the space in question should be restrained and pared back. Here the modern bedroom ceiling design is painted in neutral colours with white borders that matches with the colour of the room interiors.

5. Painted Ceiling Designs That Spill Over on the Walls

If you want to create the illusion of a tray-like ceiling design, then paint is your answer. This painted ceiling idea involves colouring the top of the walls that join the ceiling in a similar shade as the ceiling. It’s a fun and easy way to add interest to the coloured ceiling.

Red ceiling painting design for hall – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

Pastel painted ceiling design matching with the colour of the room – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

6. Uninterrupted Modern Ceiling Paint Design from Ceiling to Walls

If you want to stay on trend, then use the same-coloured paint for your walls and ceiling. It gives your space a seamless look and depending on the colour used—and the design intent—it can make your space look intimate or spacious. For the intimate look, using darker shades is a great idea for modern ceiling paint designs for bedrooms. This type of painted ceiling will beautify your bedroom design.

7. Ceiling Paint Colour Designs That Hikes Up the Cool Quotient

If you have white or neutral-toned walls, then pick something in a cooler spectrum for your painted ceiling colour. Too much white can make the space look monotonous. But if you top it up with another different neutral, like a cool sky blue, for instance, it will instantly elevate the look. You can even opt for a coloured ceiling in the same family of hues as the wall but in a different, lighter shade.

Sky blue false ceiling paint colour ideas – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Nivasa

Grey ceiling colour paint design ideas – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Toa Heftiba/ unsplash

8. Painted Ceiling Designs to Highlight the Highlights

You might have some architectural detail in your ceilings, such as vaulted or coffered ceilings, or ones with moulding or borders. In such cases, make the most of the chance and implement coloured ceiling ideas to draw attention to these architectural details. This hallway ceiling design has a bold grey coloured painted ceiling paired with white walls & floors.

9. Painted Ceiling Ideas in Lines and Stripes

Stripes as a painted ceiling design idea are the easiest way to add a dramatic element to your ceiling design. They are quick to draw the eye and add a whimsical touch to your room. So go for it if you think you can pull it off.

Monochrome stripes for painted ceiling colour design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Lakes by Yoo


FAQs About Ceiling Colour Paint Design Ideas

  1. What is the trend for painted ceilings?

    Nowadays, there is a trend among homeowners when it comes to using ceilings as a surface for decoration. Ceiling paint colour design ideas depend on the look you want. For a seamless look, your coloured ceiling can be in the same shade as your walls. You can also opt for ceiling border design colours to add a bright accent to the space or highlight some architectural detail in your ceiling.

  2. What coloured ceiling is best suited for a room?

    That entirely depends on your taste, the look you want and the size of the room. You can go with a lighter colour to provide an illusion of space or a darker colour to make the room seem cosy and intimate. You can even opt for stripes or patterns, but ensure that whatever you choose works with the overall look of the room.

  3. What is the best finish for ceiling paint?

    A flat or matte finish is the best so that it doesn’t reflect the light and can be useful to hide any bumps or flaws in the ceiling.  



How Beautiful Homes Service Helps You Get Your Painted Ceiling Right

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to modern ceiling paint design options, and that can be confusing for any homeowner. This is where the experts can lend a helping hand. Beautiful Homes Service is an end-to-end interior design and décor solutions provider and can guide you in your search for that perfect ceiling colour design. You can visit our stores, speak to our experts and browse through our offerings to find what suits you best. It could be ceiling painting design for halls or some false ceiling paint ideas for a modern home, we’ve got you covered.


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