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Study Room

The study room in a house is a space that is a dedicated work or study space in the house. A modern study room design should be a space that enhances concentration and productivity.


Types of Study Room Designs

White Study Room Design
Minimal Study Room Design
Corner Study Room Design

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FAQs About Study Room Design

1. Which study room colour is the best?

As a space meant for work or study where concentration is essential, the study room colour palette should be light and neutral. Lighter colours create a soothing vibe and a positive environment and enable concentration. If you follow the principles of vastu, then it is also not advisable to opt for darker shades. For a small study room design especially, light colours are a good way to make the space airier.

2. How can I make my study table beautiful?

When it comes to study room design ideas, the table offers a great opportunity for personalising and decorating your space. You can get creative with the stationery that you choose to put on your table. Add fun and interesting table accessories such as paperweights and pen/pencil holders. The wall near your table can also be harnessed to decorate the space by adding an activity board or a peg board. This is a great way to elevate the aesthetic of the study room.

3. What should a study room look like?

The design of the study room will depend on the people who will be using it. For example, study room ideas for adults would be different from the ones meant for children. But generally, study room ideas should be geared towards creating a soothing space that allows for concentration and has no distractions. It should be an organised space that helps increase efficiency and allows you to concentrate on work/study.

4. What type of room is a study?

A study room, as the name implies, is a quiet space or corner of the house that is dedicated to work or study. It is the kind of room where you will go to get work done without distractions or interruptions. A study room is often part of a living room or the bedroom, especially in the case of a children’s room when the apartment is small. A small bedroom and study room combined are common features in most urban flats due to space constraints.

5. How do you style a small study room?

It is a good idea to decorate a study room to ensure the space is familiar and comfortable. You can also make it stylish. There is no reason why a compact space cannot pull off a luxury modern study room design. Choose the right kind of furniture, to begin with. Use pale shades or pastels to make the space appear bigger than it and add in interesting decor elements that personalise the space-photo frames, art, indoor plants, etc—to get a soothing, elegant look. And ensure that the space is well lit too.

6. What are some trendy study room furniture ideas?

Comfort and a clean aesthetic that ensures an organised look and minimal clutter are key to creating an elegant modern study room design. To that end, finding the right kind of furniture is essential. Choose a good sturdy table, preferably made of wood and a comfortable high-back chair that will allow you to sit straight as you work on your desktop or laptop. When it comes to bookshelves or cabinets, open storage is a good idea as it can also be used as a display space. And there are a variety of quirky-looking shelves to make the space fun. If you have the room, also add in a compact settee or small sofa for when you take breaks. A comfortable seat by a window is a great idea.

7. How can Beautiful Homes help me design the perfect study room interior design?

As a full-service design and decor company, we offer a diverse range of services that cover all aspects of design. Our expert interior designers can do the interiors for the entire house or specific rooms as well, depending on the client requirements. Our team has the professional expertise to customise designs suited to your space, regardless of which room it is.


Study Room Design

The study room helps to segregate and organise important papers that homeowners might need from time to time. It is also used as a home office where work can be done without any distractions. Typically, a study room is generally an extra bedroom that has been converted into a private space, or it is carved out of another larger room, like the living room, for example. Whether it is creating the right interior for a small space or a luxury modern study room design, it is an important aspect of home design. It is also necessary to consider who the primary user of the space will be—children or adults—to plan the appropriate study room interior design.



Why Do You Need a Dedicated Study Room

  • A study room is a private space where the heads of the house can keep all their paperwork and documentation in one place without having to worry about misplacing anything.

  • A study room is also a dedicated space for children in which to study.

  • A study room often doubles up as a home office, allowing them a quiet space in which to work without distractions.

  • In case of small apartments, a small study room design can be geared towards allowing children a space to study without giving in to distractions.



Why Do You Need to Plan a Study Room

  • Like with any other space in the house, planning the study room interior design is important to decide what kind of study room furniture and decor will be suitable.

  • The space allocated for the modern study room design must be away from the rooms where there is high footfall and activity as that can be distracting.

  • Without charting out a plan based on the layout and size can lead to a cluttered, cramped and disorganised space.

  • Avoid going overboard with study room decoration ideas as neat and distraction-free are the main priorities.

  • When this kind of space is part of a bedroom design, care should be taken to ensure the study room furniture adjacent to a bed does not clutter up the space.


Tips for Study Room Interior Design

  • Given the main function of the space—to be a room for work or study—the study room interior design should not be distracting or disruptive.

  • The room should preferably include more functional elements, such as a desk, bookshelf, comfortable seating, etc.

  • Light is an important aesthetic and functional part of study room decoration, so the space must be well lit.

  • If possible, a modern study room design should also have a window or some kind of connection with the outdoors.

  • A small study room design can also be comfortable if the right kind of study room furniture is chosen and the colours are kept neutral.

  • Sometimes, the study room occupies an area of the kids’ bedroom in which case the study area design should match the rest of the room but still serve as a segregated space.



Study Room Design Decoration Tips

  • A study room might be a ‘serious’ space but such spaces should also be elegant and well designed to help create a positive work/study environment.

  • A priority should be finding the most comfortable study room furniture. A desk that is suitable for the size of the room and a chair should be picked first.

  • A table lamp is another essential requirement in case work/study goes on into the night.

  • Storage options are key in making the space organised and ensuring all books, papers, etc are within easy reach. A table with drawers is a good idea.

  • For a children’s study room interior design, the study table can be smaller and lighter.

  • For a small space small study room design, wall shelves are a great way to make use of vertical space. Open shelves are a better option as they won’t overcrowd the room and can even be used as a display area.

  • Such shelves in interesting shapes and patterns or with interesting material can also serve as a study room wall design.

  • Add some indoor plants to make the study area design look vibrant. It also helps to keep the room refreshed.

  • Choose colour carefully when it comes to the study room interior design. A bright or bold colour can work as an accent against a neutral-coloured backdrop. In the case of a small space small study room design especially, lighter or pastel shades are preferable.

  • For a kids’ study room interior design, however, brighter colours can be used when it comes to walls as well as furniture, soft furnishings, etc.

  • If space is not an issue, a luxury modern study room design can include comfortable sofa seating for visitors or for the primary user as a space to take a break from work/study.



Study Room Vastu Tips

  • Seeking a vastu-compliant study room interior design is a good idea to ensure the space has positive vibes and helps increase one’s productivity.

  • It is ideal to have the study room direction as per vastu facing the east or the west. The north-east direction also works, as does the north.

  • The student/adult using the room should be sitting facing the north or the east. Hence, the best direction for the study table as per vastu is the north or east direction of the home.

  • There shouldn’t be a beam running above the spot where the student/adult is seated.

  • The study table should not be stuck to or against a wall. There should be a gap between the wall and the table. This is to make sure that the energies circulate within the space.

  • The study table should also not be circular or oval or any shape other than square or rectangular.

  • Books should be kept in shelves or cabinets and not stacked on the table and the shelf for the cabinet is best placed on a southern or western wall.

  • The planning should be such that the door of the study room is not behind the chair.

  • Paint the study room interior in lighter neutral colours or pastels.

  • Avoid mirrors in the study room as they can be distracting.


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