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Cupboard and Wardrobe Designs

They are inherent to the look of a room and furniture pieces that no space can do without. It is therefore important to get just the right style of cupboards and wardrobe for the different spaces in a house.


Types of Wardrobe and Cupboard Designs

Walk in wardrobe design
Modular wardrobe design
Minimal wardrobe design

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FAQs about Wardrobe and Cupboard Designs

1. Which type of wardrobe is best for bedrooms?

This depends entirely on the kind of space you have and your tastes. But as a thumb rule, for compact bedrooms, a wardrobe design that does not take up too much space is ideal. Sliding wardrobe designs are great for compact spaces as they are seamless and don’t need clearing room to open doors. Also, in such a space, go vertical, so a floor-to-ceiling or wall mounted closet are also great options. In a large bedroom, anything would work as you would have the space to go with almost any kind of design. A walk-in closet is a great idea in large bedrooms.

2. What is a modular almirah?

An almirah is essentially a free-standing wardrobe, hence a modular almirah has independent units that are manufactured in the factory and then assembled as per requirement in your house. The advantage of a modular almirah or almari design is that you can decide how many sections you want, which ensures optimal usage of your space as well. It ensures the cupboard design isn’t more than needed and occupies extra space.

3. What is the perfect size for a wardrobe?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to cupboard design. You need to think about the space where the cupboard is to be placed—living, kitchen, dining or bedroom—the size of the room, how it needs to be in the context of the other furniture, etc. However, when it comes to wardrobe design for the bedroom, the standard size is 7 feet by 10 feet at a minimum. The depth typically is about 24 inches but if you want a compact one, it can be even as narrow as 18 or even 12 inches. If space is a real issue, then think about collapsible wardrobes.

4. What is the difference between a closet and a wardrobe?

Closet and wardrobe are terms that are often used interchangeably but there are subtle differences between the two. Both are meant to be storage spaces but wardrobes are largely the word used in the context of a bedroom when it comes to a place to keep clothing, accessories, jewellery, shoes, etc. While a closet does store all that, it is, in its more literal definition, a small enclosure or space built into a room to keep things. This can be spacious, like a walk-in closet, or small, like a closet off the living room to keep utilities. A wardrobe is almost always associated with the bedroom, is an independent piece of furniture placed there and comes in a variety of wardrobe design configurations.

5. How many doors does a wardrobe come in?

This too depends on the size of the wardrobe designs. There is a single-door wardrobe or a double-door option. These are compact and typically free-standing. You can also get 3 door wardrobe or a 4 door wardrobe; however, you need to have enough room to accommodate such a large wardrobe design.

6. Why designing your wardrobe is essential?

As a storage space meant for all your items, designing your wardrobe is a priority so that everything you value is kept in a good, safe and clean space. A wardrobe is the second-most important piece of furniture after the bed for this reason. A neat and organised wardrobe design ensures easy access to everything, helps to cut the clutter in your room and keeps the space looking clean. Designing your wardrobe also becomes important because the cupboard design you choose needs to fit in seamlessly with the style of your room and complement the bed and other furniture.

7. What is an open wardrobe called?

Such wardrobes are exactly what the name implies—an open wardrobe comes without any doors. The advantage of an open wardrobe design is that the clothes and accessories are easily accessible. It is also a great way to keep your clothes fresher for longer since the aren’t in a closed environment. However, this is a good idea only if you have an organised cupboard. Else, it might create a cluttered look in the room.


Cupboard and Wardrobe Designs

Among the most important pieces of furniture in the house, wardrobes and cupboards play an extremely important role not just functionally but also in terms of the aesthetic. There are a wide variety of wardrobe designs available today to ensure that homeowners have a range of alternatives to choose from when it comes to their homes. The diversity exists in the way cupboards, wardrobes and cabinets are designed, the materials used and the finishes, among a host of other factors. Not just as spaces of storage, cupboards can enhance the style of the space it is in when it harmonises with the rest of the furniture.



Types of Wardrobe and Cupboard Designs

The type of wardrobe or cupboard design ideally suited to a space depends on many factors. These include the rooms where they are required, the size of the house, the budget allocated, the height of the ceiling and other details. The diversity of choice in the market when it comes to the latest cupboard designs makes it even more important to know exactly which style would be the right one for a particular room.


Almirah Design

While an almirah can be referred to as an Indian word for a cupboard, there is a slight difference between the two. An almirah is always free-standing while a wardrobe or cupboard may or may not be an independent free-standing unit as there are also cupboards fixed to walls. Almirahs are also usually slightly smaller than a cupboard or wardrobe. The materials used like wooden almirah design and steel among others. They are a great source of storage and can hold anything from clothing to jewellery and other accessories. If used in the living room, then they are a good place to store books.


Hinged Wardrobe Designs

This is the conventional kind of wardrobe design. A hinged wardrobe is the old-style one designed with doors that open outwards. It is possible to have a 3-door wardrobe or even a 4-door wardrobe with hinges. The benefit of a hinged wardrobe is that it allows a complete look at what is inside just by pulling open the doors. This style also comes with more modern wardrobe design options because this is the most common and go-to style of cupboard. The problem is that this takes up more space as the doors need clearing room to open.


Free-standing Wardrobe Design

This is the kind of wardrobe that is also known as an almirah. This wardrobe design, like the hinged wardrobe, is also extremely common in Indian households. The main advantage of a free-standing wardrobe is that it is moveable, which means keeping the area around it clean and dust-free is easy. Being a common style, it is also available in a variety of materials and finishes and different sizes as well. Typically, a free-standing cupboard or wardrobe will have hinged doors.


Sliding Wardrobe Design

Doors that slide open without swinging outwards, sliding wardrobe designs are great to give rooms a seamless look. These wardrobes need bottom and top tracks with rollers so that the doors can slide. Sliding wardrobes by necessity need to be bigger because there needs to be enough room to slide them back and create a large enough opening. A small wardrobe with a sliding door means the opening will be very narrow. 


Mirrored Wardrobe Design

There are several options in wardrobe designs that come with mirrors. These mirrors are either placed on the outer surface, which is generally the more popular alternative, or are part of the wardrobe’s interior design. Mirrors on the surface play a dual role in making the space where the wardrobe is look bigger and doing away with the necessity of a separate dressing table mirror. Mirrored wardrobes are therefore great options in compact rooms.


L-Shaped Wardrobe Design

An L-shaped wardrobe design is also referred to as a corner wardrobe. This style of wardrobe is mostly used for maximum utilisation of space, where there might be a corner in a bedroom that goes under-utilised. L-shaped wardrobe designs typically comes with sliding rather than hinged doors. This is a very practical design, particularly when there are corners in bedrooms going to waste.


Wooden Wardrobe Design

Wood has always been a highly popular material when it comes to wardrobes, cupboards and cabinets of any sort. Wooden wardrobes have a timeless appeal and add an element of warmth and sophistication. They are also available in different types and textures, with designs that range from the highly intricate and ornamental to the modern clean-lined look. Wooden wardrobes, however, need to be well looked after especially in humid cities.


Metal and Steel Wardrobe Design

Metal and steel wardrobes are other popular options in most Indian homes. They are simple, elegant and functional alternatives and don’t overwhelm small spaces. They are also very easy to maintain over the longer term. While design choices when it comes to a steel wardrobe may be limited when compared to a wooden wardrobe, they are still a good option particularly if one is looking for a free-standing clothes cupboard for compact bedrooms.


Modular Wardrobe Design

The modular wardrobe has become one of the most popular options when it comes to furniture pieces, especially wardrobes for bedrooms. Modular wardrobes comprise independent factory-made modules that can be chosen to fit the space and style of a bedroom and assembled onsite. Modular wardrobes enjoy several advantages, including the fact that they can be customised to fit the space they are meant for and hence optimise the available space in a room, are easy to install and come in a variety of colours, materials and finishes.


Walk-In Closet Design

walk-in closet, as the name implies, is one that is large enough for a person to walk into and pick out the clothes, accessories and shoes, etc needed. A walk-in closet is generally seen in large master bedroom design where space is not an issue and it is also used as a space to change clothes. This is almost like a small room rather than a wardrobe that allows the user the luxury of space to keep all clothing and accessories in one spot. Walk-in closets have hanging space for clothes that cannot be folded, shelves, drawers and cabinets for accessories. Such walk-in closets are generally planned at the time of designing the bedroom so it is smoothly integrated into the space.


Hanging Wardrobe Design

A hanging wardrobe is the kind of cupboard design that makes a lot of room to hang clothes. So the interior of the wardrobe has a railing along the top that is meant for clothes to be hung, such as suits, trousers, saris, etc and any clothing that cannot or should not be folded. The wardrobe interior design is such that there is enough hanging room above the drawers and small cabinets so that it is easy to hang clothes without anything hindering them.


Collapsible Wardrobe Design

In compact city apartments, a conventional wooden or steel wardrobe may occupy too much space, or it may not be enough to hold all clothes and accessories. In such instances, collapsible or foldable wardrobes made of plastic are an efficient solution. These wardrobes are easy to move around and come in different sizes. Additionally, sections and shelves can be removed, shortened or elongated depending on the requirement as there are pegs on either side of the interior that allow the sections to be moved. These are great as young children’s wardrobes, given the number of items, clothes, etc kids need. As a portable wardrobe, unlike a wall-mounted one, a collapsible wardrobe is also easy to move around.


Wall-Mounted Wardrobe 

A wall-mounted wardrobe is a great idea for modern and minimalist bedrooms. As the name suggests, such wardrobes are attached to the wall and don’t sit on the floor. This wall wardrobe design also makes it convenient for compact bedrooms and makes it easy to clean beneath as well. 



Wardrobe Design Based on Rooms

Storage is an essential requirement in every kind of home, be it a small apartment in a city or a large house. Every room comes with its own needs in terms of storage and therefore, a cupboard or wardrobe is a must in every room, from the living room to the bedroom. The design, style, size and shape all differ depending on the room and the need.


Bedroom Wardrobe Design

After the bed, the wardrobe is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom design. All the different types of wardrobe and cupboard design mentioned in the previous section, from hinged wardrobes to sliding door wardrobes, collapsible wardrobes to hanging wardrobes, can be catered to fit the size and style of the bedroom they are meant for. A walk-in closet, for example, is a great option for a large master bedroom but not for a small one. Similarly, if a corner needs to be used, then the L-shaped wardrobe design is a good option. And sliding door wardrobe designs work well to make a compact space seem larger.


Wardrobe Design with a Dressing Table

It is important to invest in a good wardrobe design, one that works well with the bedroom it is meant to be in but also balances functional and visual appeal. A common type of wardrobe design that is increasingly popular is a multifunctional one, like a modern wardrobe design with a dressing table built into it. It is possible to custom make such a wardrobe design or it may also be one of the modular wardrobe options. Something like this design is a great way to save space and create interest in the bedroom.


Wardrobe Design with a Study Table

Bedrooms occupied by young children need a lot of thought and planning. These bedrooms need to be fun spaces while also being well organised. A wardrobe design, therefore, that offers multiple uses can be very convenient for parents. A children's wardrobe design that accommodates a study table is a very useful piece of furniture to have in the bedroom. It combines storage with an important activity for school-going kids, offering a comfortable space to study, do homework or even be an extra spot to sit around in the room.


Hall Wardrobe Design

A hall wardrobe design refers to cupboards or almirah designs in the living room. This can be a TV unit as well as a hall cupboard meant for storage. Hall wardrobe design ideas are generally moveable or portable wardrobes that complement the furniture used around the living room. If there is space, a tall cupboard in the hall or even a TV wardrobe design, a TV unit, for example, can be chosen as a required option for storage. In the case of the TV wardrobe design, which typically would be a TV unit with open shelves, it can also be a space to display accessories.


Kitchen Wardrobe Design

A kitchen wardrobe design is more generally known as the tall or medium-height units or pantry units that are used in kitchens. These kitchen almari design options are an important aspect of storage, apart from cabinets and drawers. If there is space to add in a tall unit, then it can fit in a lot of crockery and other bigger vessels and utensils used around the kitchen. There are a variety of kitchen wardrobe design options when it comes to materials and finishes, but the ones for the kitchen should be durable and long-lasting.



Various Wardrobe Sizes and Shapes

When it comes to furniture, wardrobe design is a vast and diverse space. Wardrobes and cupboards, used in some format across all the rooms in a house, are available in different shapes and configurations. For example, depending on the requirement and tastes of the homeowner, it can be a single- or double-door wardrobe or even one with sliding doors. A wardrobe interior design can also be as per need, with more or fewer drawers or hanging room. Large wardrobe design, particularly in bedrooms, includes even 3 or 4 door wardrobes and floor-to-ceiling wardrobes. Hence, based on the size of your space, you can choose a wardrobe that suits your interior design.


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